business casual

Blazer and silk shirt: urban outfitters, Skirt: express, Boots: Nomi, Watch: Guess

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In the wishing well

Denim: Level 99, Boots: Nomi, Tee and cardi: f21, Blazer: Urban Outfitter

I fell in love with this simple T-shirt at Forever 21 this weekend because the bold lines sort of remind me of a coloring book. Random. I was far underdressed for the chilly fall day in this, I froze today on my way to castings. Might be time to break out the winter coat. Boo.

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Stir it up

Dress: Charlotte Russe, Sweater: Free People, Knee Highs: H&M, Boots: random FRYE knockoffs

Darkened the hair for fall…immediately regretted it. I have yet to find a hair stylist I like in NYC, might have to have my stylist from my home town help me out when I got home for Thanksgiving, not to mention it will be 1/4 the price of a salon here.

Currently watching gossip girl thinking I should probably do something a bit more productive, like hit the gym, grocery store, or anything other than sitting on the couch filling my online cart at my favorite stores with items I can’t afford right now. I’ve been a bit crazy with the shopping the last few months, what with getting my closet ready for fall and all, so I’m trying to calm down with the web orders these days. It’s just far to easy to click the checkout button from the comfort and warmth of my cozy living room. Also I’m in desperate need of a new laptop (I have been hijacking the boyfriends for the past few months, but I think he’s getting a bit tired of having to wait his turn on his own computer) so I should probably start setting aside some shopping money for that cause.

Saving money = Boring.

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Addiction: Part 1

I have a few addictions in life, the least harmful of them being an unsatisfiable craving for warm tea.

I’ve always been a tea fan but it wasn’t until one fateful dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant back home Blue Sushi that I became officially obsessed. I ordered a pot of green tea, like I would in any other restaurant, but there was something different about this. It had so much more depth of flavor, like it stuck in your throat after you swallowed it. I asked the waiter what it was and WHY it was so amazing, and he handed me a menu from The Tea Smith which was conveniently located right across the street. The waiter and I then got into a lengthy conversation about the dramatic difference between the cheapy tea bags and high quality loose leaf teas, during which my boyfriend was bored to tears and nudging me under the table. After we left, much to my boys chagrin, we jetted across the street and picked up 3 samples to try at home after smelling every kind imaginable.

I was immediately impressed with how different the tea looked when purchased in this form. As you can see above there are distinct pieces of dried rose hips, orange peel, clove, and other spices along with the giant whole tea leaves. This mix is called Christmas morning and to this day is one of my favorites.

I was talking to my dad about my new-found love for whole leaf teas around valentines day that year and lo and behold he showed up with this valentines day gift for me a few days later:

The ingenuiTEA by Adagio Teas is probably my favorite thing on earth. No annoying tea balls to deal with plus it gives the tea tons of room to “bloom” which according to my friends at The Tea Smith allows for optimal flavor development.

When the tea is fully brewed simply place the device over a mug and press down, this releases the tea in a stream into the cup. This tea is strong, I use to in place of coffee on mornings I can’t keep my eyes open.

In my favorite mug that also happens to be a gift my father got me during his travels to Egypt.

If you are a tea fan but have never given much thought to full leaf teas, I encourage you to head to a local tea shop and give them a try (most will sell them by the cup so you can sample without committing). It will change your (tea) life forever.

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Inspiration: Taylor Momsen

I don’t say it out loud often, but I adore Gossip Girl. Despite the terrible acting, weak plot lines, annoying on again off again relationships, I still wouldn’t miss an episode. I’m not home when it’s on so I get the disks of netflix. It’s usually quite a ritual, I create a cocoon on the couch with a blanket and pillow, tea or other warm beverage, and snacks, and I’ll watch a whole disk in one day. I love spotting my local NYC favorite spots in episodes, I love imagining I had unlimited funds to jet set around the globe, but most of all, I love the fashion. Each character has such a specific style they never sway from. My favorite on the show is little Jenny Humphrey, played by Taylor Momsen.

Her rocker style and edgy looks fit her perfectly, probably because thats who she is in real life when she’s rocking out with her own band. Endless layers, basic blacks with pops of color and that hair…oh how I envy that hair.

I think whats so captivating about Taylors style to me, is the way she combines girly elements like lace and ruffles with edgy pieces like combat boots and leather. Fashion perfection.

This style is pretty much exactly how I would dress if I had unlimited funds and didn’t have an agency telling me how to dress. Rock on Taylor!

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My boy and I have completely random schedules that tend to be totally opposite of each other.  Because neither of us have traditional jobs (me having castings and modeling jobs, him having practices, studio time, recordings, and shows) we rarely see each other during the week for more than a few minutes at a time. However we do tend to have weekends open for each other, which makes them my favorite time of the week. This weekend was no exception and was filled with my favorite things to do.

I used to hate baking because I thought it had to be so exact, measuring and weighing each ingredient so carefully, mixing these ingredients separately from these ingredients in a certain order. Boring. However I have discovered something, baking can be just as random and experimental as cooking. I never measure when I bake! These were pumpkin cupcakes made with a random mix of flour, sugar, egg, oil, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spice. They turned out delicious too! The boy always “helps” me bake, which usually means hovering over me sticking his fingers in things. There’s nothing cozier and more comforting than creating a baked treat together in our kitchen on a lazy Saturday morning. And yes we taste tested a few finished cupcakes despite the fact that it was 10 am.

As I’ve already mentioned several times, brunch is a time-honored tradition in my neck of the woods. However the colder it gets the more of a homebody I become and venturing out on a cold rainy Sunday suddenly doesn’t sound so good. This weekend we opted to do one brunch at home, with the most simplest of ingredients.

Eggs withe hot sauce, pear, celery, toast. Simply lovely. And a hiding quarter that was preparing for its fate at the laundry mat later that day.

But when we do venture out for brunch Le Pain Quotidien is one of my top 3 favorite spots. Mimosas are a must.

We always get the bread basket with spreads, this is the best bread I have ever had! I don’t know how big this chain is, if it spans farther than NYC, but if you come across one, be sure to try their bread.

I always leave stuffed to the gills and vowing to never eat that much in one sitting again, which I remain strong at…until the next weekends brunch.

Another weekend comes and goes, back to early morning castings, late nights waiting for the boy to get home from the studio, and ordering takeout off seamless web. Only 5 more days till next weekend.

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sweet tooth suicide

Sweater: H&M, hat: f21, Jeans: level 99, Shoes: Aldo

Is there anything better than a chunky oversized sweater on a chilly autumn day? Perhaps traditional Saturday brunches, which is exactly where I was headed in this getup. Bliss.

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